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If you haven't already discovered our broadcast, now is the time to tune into Oxford Classic Radio to listen to some of the great mystery, detective, and suspense programs from the golden age of radio. Tune in and hear shows such as Suspense, The Whistler, Richard Diamond, Sherlock Holmes and many others that caught the imaginations of listeners in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Once you've given them a listen you will almost certainly be hooked like we are.

The objective of this site is to provide access to a form of entertainment that might be new to you or an old favorite. There are many great sites that delve deeply into the history of radio and personalities, but we just want to provide a brief introduction to old time radio (or OTR as it is often known) for those unfamiliar with these old broadcasts. Listen to our broadcast and immerse yourself in a form of entertainment as common 60 and 70 years ago as television and the Internet are today. Come back often to tune into our broadcast, browse our steadily growing selection of downloadable MP3 files, or to check out links to some of the greatest OTR resources.

Our broadcasts are delivered via SHOUTcast and can be accessed using the embedded player you see on this page or listen in your favorite media player by clicking one of the links below:

Send Us Your Comments and Requests

We welcome any feedback on our programming selections, including requests for your favorite shows. If you would like to hear a particular program, send us as much information about the show as you have available and we will make every attempt to locate it in our extensive library of old time radio shows.
Contact us via e-mail at [email protected].